Art ClubEdit

Painting, sculpting, sketching, and anything in between!
President: Rapunzel Gothel

Book ClubEdit

A club that meets once a week or fortnight to discuss the book suggested for reading and any other relevant discussions.
President: Karkat Vantas
Advisor: Murdoc Donoghue

Cursebreakers ClubEdit

This would be a very good club for anyone interested in being a Cursebreaker or an Auror. Or hey, just anyone who wants excitement in their life. It would involve learning about the duties and manners in which Cursebreakers go about their jobs and more importantly have a lot of hands on involvement. That means going through obstacles that involving fighting (lowly) magical creatures and disabling simple curses.
President: Nepeta Vantas-Leijon
Advisor: Murdoc Donoghue

Fight ClubEdit

Just a group of boys who enjoy wrestling and beating each other up! Girls are welcome too! Shirts are 100% not required!
President: Maxim Jaeger
Vice President: Thor Odinson
Advisor: Bro Strider

Gardening ClubEdit

Students create little garden plots to maintain and the things they grow are theirs to keep. Some maintaining of greenhouses is also done. Both muggle and magical plants will be grown, with small tibits of trivia relating to them. And other gardening stuff.
Advisor: Chiara Vargas

The Gathering of Ill BeatmastersEdit

This is basically a rap club, where kids can get together and rap at each other, or have friendly rap battles.
President: Gamzee Makara-2
Officer: Maxim Jaeger

Music ClubEdit

A place to get together and discuss music, both Muggle and wizarding, and jam together
President: Marceline Abadeer
Officer: Marshall Lee

Medical Science and Magic SocietyEdit

There are Cursebreakers, there fighters, and then there are healers. This is a club for those members of the student body interested in biology, anatomy, and the repair of the human body.
President: Eriq Slepner
Vice President: Herbert West

The Study BuddiesEdit

A club for studying. Prone to being popular amongst Ravenclaw. Students will get help with studying for their weaker subjects, and volunteer to help others in their better ones. Pop quizes will happen!!
President: Aranea Serket

Tabletop RPG ClubEdit

A get together for those interested in those hour long draining sessions of Dungeons and Dragons and the sort.
President: Sollux Captor
Advisor: Sybille Matteris

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