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Karkat Abalone Vant-fine-ass was born to a huge mother 

crab and an angry werewolf. Or that's what he started to believe that night he started tripp ing balls at Gamzee's plac e.

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Yeah, I turn on the next moon, what of it?

What the crab?Edit

Karkat Vant-fine-ass aka Werecrab found out he was part wolf, part crab on accident, on a walk on the beach one night while drunk and under the influence of halluciagenics. Turns out, he was just a werewolf though and ate 48 crabs that night. But legend goes that he also has crabs, which he wouldn't have gotten if he didn't pursue the raving lunatic, Kankri Vantass. Legend also has it that if you do a crab walk on a full moon that you will summon this rare creature they now refer to as the Kar-Were-Crab.

Wand TypeEdit

Karkat's wand is actually his dick, no one has noticed yet. (Turned me on..)

Karkat is skin with a blood core, 2cm.

Dating ProfileEdit

Karkat is single and lookin' ladies and men and were creatures alike! Karkat is lookin' for that special someone to spend ETERNITY with because he lives forever since he eats MAGICAL crabs and mushrooms.

Karkat stands at a towering 5' and does not need to brush his hair due to his inerrant genetics that allow him to have that flawless look you see in the pictures around you. He's great on his knees and he enjoys giving his special someone the ultimate pleasure.

Quest Of The Lowbloods

Quest Of The Lowbloods

Karkat often dances to this song in his red sequined thong.

Sincerest Apologies, Karkat.Edit

This got very out of control and for that I am sorry to an extent, but I assure you that this was all fun and games and I think in the end you will come to see the light of this situation as it was a simple impulsive need to cause some mischief to pass the time. Sincerest apologies even though, as I write this, I am laughing quite a bit.

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