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Those shoes are mine, betch.








  • Mom
    • Betch
  • Dad
    • Betch
  • Brother
    • Betch


Kelly is your typical rebellious teenager with an obsession for shoes. She hates being told what to do, and will punch you in the face if you give her any crap, or touch her shoes. This, of course, means she's pretty much an outcast in school, and doesn't really have many friends. She tries not to let this fact get to her, but she does realize it's true and she would like to have more friends, but she's usually fine just living her life and taking whatever crap people throw at her and throwing it back harder.


Kelly is the only Witch in her family, as if it wasn't already hard enough for her to relate to them. Her parents clearly favor her twin brother, Liam, and they make it obvious. In fact, they can be downright vicious with their cutting remarks and blatant favoritism. The only person in Kelly's family she gets along with is her lesbian Aunt Susan, the other outcast of the family. Despite the fact Kelly thinks she's weird, she loves her aunt and the two share a love of music.

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Elphaba ThroppEdit

One of Kelly's only friends at Hogwarts, the two bonded after the TYL event when she saw Elphaba complaining about a corrupt Ministry worker and how he ruined her life. Kelly didn't like that at all, and the two bonded over plans to stake him out the following summer. Over the year, the two became even better friends, to the point Kelly felt comfortable confiding into Elphaba about her disappointment over not having a date to the dance. Overall, the two are really good friends.

Rachel BerryEdit

These two went from competitive rivals to pretty good friends over the course of a year, as unlikely as it was. They really bonded over a duet they shared when the two of them were both feeling down about lacking dates for the dance. Overall, she's one of Kelly's better friends.

Betch 3Edit

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  • Betch
  • Betch
  • Betch
  • Let's get some shoes

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