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Mother (Genki), Father (Kani), Sister (Mushi)


Kuki is, above all other things, cute. Like, to the point of being truly sickening. She loves anything adorable and/or girly, and loves it with a strong, obsessive passion. She can also be rather maternal and likes to care of things that are smaller than her. Mostly, she just wants everyone else to be happy. Kuki's second most prominent trait is her ditzy nature. Often missing or misinterpreting the obvious, she is quite the airhead, or at least appears to be. She might be smarter than she lets on, (a bit, at least), but she prefers to have carefree fun. Kuki isn't exactly a worrier, taking most things in stride. However, that's not to say she's free from worry entirely. And worry is not the only negative emotion Kuki can lapse into. She can be quite ferociously angry when provoked, most notably when someone makes fun of or 'harms' her beloved stuffed animals. Kuki is a loyal friend who is willing to shoulder the greatest of tasks for her loved ones, of for the 'greater good'.


Kuki Sanban was the first of two children born (on December 12th) to Kani and Genki Sanban. While Kani was a muggle, Genki was a witch. Kani loved Genki but wasn’t exactly fond of the unpredictable nature of magic. When Kuki was two years old, her family moved to England due to a job opportunity for Kani. Two years after that, Kani and Genki gave birth to their second daughter, Mushi. Kuki didn’t exactly lead an average life. When she was eight, she befriended a group of four kids who were (oddly) strongly against the rules of adults. They spent most of their time in a tree house to avoid adults, sharing conspiracy theories about dentists, teachers, parents, and other adults in their lives. Kuki never questioned her parents’ nature, as they loved her and her sister greatly, despite her father being rather stern, but she did grow to be mistrustful of most other adults in her life, as much so as her kindly (and ditzy) nature would allow. The summer that Kuki was eleven, a letter from Hogswarts arrived for her. Her father was very reluctant, but eventually it was decided that Kuki would attend Hogwarts the next school year. She said goodbye to her friends, which was difficult for her, but she was excited to be learning how to use her magic. Her first year, she took - in addition to all required classes - Flying; the same can be said for her second year. She has also grown more trusting of the adults in her life. Kuki does well in charms and flying, decently in astronomy and transfiguration, but poorly in most other classes.



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