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I feel this a pretty accurate picture of me.


Hufflepuff, though, I like to pretend I'm in Slytherclaw :O


12th year~


Female. I get confused sometimes though.


12", Holly, Dragon Heartstring


Lovetoujours come in only one variety, the Ellie. She tends to be spazzy and an airhead, even though she is smart. She swears she is (her GPA proves it! Her actions tend not to). She plays several characters: Peter Kirkland, Dean Winchester, and Abby Sciuto. She used to play Leonard H McCoy (Bones for you plebeians) but dropped him because he was "a doctor, damnit, not a wizard". She is considering re-apping him as a teacher.

Ellie loves music, books, her fandoms, and kitties. She flails a lot. And loves capslocks. She is also bad at spelling and typing, so it sometimes takes some mental calculus to figure out what-the-hell she is trying to say. She has an addiction to icons, it's kind of bad. We're considering therapy for her.

She has crazy ideas that she inflicts on her friends, often to their horror and her amusement. Ellie can be somewhat clever, she just shows it in odd ways.


  • Has 4 tattoos. Really, count them! She used to have a ton of piercings, but is down to just 6.
  • Tends to come up with elaborate, really complicated plans, but never follows them through.
  • Has a pet kitty.
  • Is bad at describing herself.
  • Likes to torture her muses. Usually in the why-are-they-so-emotionally-retarded way, but often in the physical way as well. Ellie still proclaims she is sweet and innocent, even with a lot of damning evidence against her.

Fellow Attention WhoresEdit