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Mallory is, above all other things, pugnacious. She doesn't always take well to people, often being doubtful of their abilities or skeptic of their motives. When she decides she dislikes someone, she'll be hard-pressed to do anything for them unless their lives are in danger. Though she'd never stand around and let someone be killed, she's not going out of her way to help someone she doesn't like. She can be a bit self-serving and selfish at times. However, she is an endlessly loyal friend who would go to the ends of the earth to protect those she cares about. Mally is also brave - Foolishly so. She's a little thing, but she seems to be under the impression that she is a big, tough girl; truly fearsome. Mally will never run away from a fight, loving the thrill of battle - For the most part, at least.


Mallory - or Mally, as her parents nicknamed her from an early age - McCunn was born and raised in Devon, England, in the small town of Hatherleigh. Her parents were both muggles, and fairly average ones at that. In fact, everything in Mally's life aside from Mally herself was fairly average, and the girl was always bored with it. She'd try to create her own adventures however possible, and showed an early interest in swordsplay, often fighting off imaginary foes with sticks in the woods. She loved tales of knights, and as a little girl wanted nothing more than to be one. It was the perfect future. At least, that's what she believed until the letter came. During the summer that Mally was ten, she received her letter from Hogwarts, and was thrust into the world of magic. Her parents, though a bit cautious, were happy that their daughter could finally have an excited life like she'd always dreamed of. Mally was thrilled beyond words, and immediately began doing research into the world of wizards. She soon found a dream that, for the most part, replaced her dreams of knighthood - she wanted to be an auror. Mally attended Hogworts that year, turning eleven on Halloween. She loved her time at Hogworts, though some of the classes - or, all of them except for Flying, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures - bored her. Though she was a fairly smart girl, she didn't have the focus in classes she should have, and was not permitted to take pre-auror training her fifth year. Since then, she's worked harder at school, trying to achieve good grades. For her birthday of her fourth year, her parents bought her a pet rat, which she simply named 'McCunn'. Currently, in addition to all required classes, Mally is taking Arithmancy, Astrology, Care of Magical Creatures, and Muggle Studies.



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