The girl who seems to have the most boys looking, but won't give them the time of day unless they're her brother. Also called Sister and Natchenka by certain siblings.

Personality Edit

Natalia is often cold toward other people, especially when she first meets them. The soft spot she holds in her heart is really only for her brother, and to a lesser degree, her sister. To most people, though, she's distant and ruthless. Her violence often makes people frightened of her, but she acts the way she does out of jealousy and protection for her brother than anything else.

She's just a case of unrequited love: she loves Ivan so much that she would do anything for him, but that devotion often just scares him away. Her love often tends to get herself or her brother hurt, but as long as it's for the greater good, she doesn't seem to mind. All she really wants is for her brother to understand her and be close to her: that motive is one of her driving traits, and one of the most noticeable ones.

Natalia Alfroskaya








Ivan Braginsky (6th Slytherin) and Katya Batchenko (7th Hufflepuff)

Her feelings can be confusing, as she often seems to switch from heartless to calm in a few short seconds. But she's not as unreadable as she seems. Natalia may be a planner, but her plans are very transparent. People, with practice, can often tell what she's going to do before she goes through with it. However, to those with no experience, she always seems to flip flop back and forth with no clear pattern.

Natalia is very beautiful, and she tends to be a little vain, keeping herself clean and presentable at all times. Even after she's lashed out in violence, she seeks to return herself to a presentable state. She knows that she attracts people, but her anger and jealousy contort her beauty into something more sinister than what it actually is. Natalia tends to frown often, always thinking about something or another, and rarely smiles for anyone who is not her family.

She doesn't understand why people don't do exactly what she wants them to, or what she plans for them. When her brother doesn't return her love, she doesn't understand what she's done wrong to make him frightened. Natalia constantly is in a state of working to fix whatever it is that needs fixing, without really knowing why. As such, she’s often working toward a goal, or working to complete something. She’s self-driven and motivated to do anything that she puts her mind to. Moving a mountain? No problem, she’ll work on it. Breaking down a door? Sure, with practice it’ll come down in about thirty seconds.

All Natalia really wants to do is understand people. And then make them do what she wants, or suffer the consequences.