Pacifica Casull








December 5, 1993


Pacifica is a cheerful and energetic girl. She is spoiled and can be bratty and childish sometimes, but manages to be cute and charming too. She is naive and trusts other people easily, even when she probably shouldn't. She is also self-conscious, and has a habit of apologizing even when she isn't at fault. She is kind, caring, and empathetic. She cares deeply for her adoptive siblings Raquel and Shannon, and is somewhat possessive of Shannon in particular; she gets jealous if any other girl gets too close to him. She loves food, but she is a terrible cook. She also likes sleeping and taking baths.


Pacifica was born to a wealthy family; a mother, a father, and a twin brother. Unfortunately, her father (a muggle) immediately disliked her, because her mother (a pureblood) had died giving birth to her. Pacifica was sent to live in a foster care center. From there, she was adopted by the Cassul family, who were very kind to her.

Unfortunately, her foster mother (a muggle) died of an illness when Pacifica was three, and her foster father (a pureblood) was killed in a wizard duel when Pacifica was nine. This left Pacifica in the care of her foster siblings, Raquel and Shannon, whom she loved as if they were her real siblings. She remained estranged from her real brother, as well as her father.

After Pacifica's foster father died, Raquel and Shannon told her about how he was a wizard, and taught Pacifica about magic. Both of them were Hogwarts students, so they weren't allowed to use magic outside of the school grounds yet, but they could at least tell Pacifica about how it worked. Pacifica was fascinated by this, and on her 11th birthday, she received an invitation to attend Hogwarts. She gladly accepted.

Pacifica is of above average intelligence and does well in most of her classes. She is especially good at Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. However, she struggles a bit in Potions and Transfiguration.


  • Family
    • Father (estranged)
    • Mother (deceased)
    • Brother (estranged)
    • Foster father (deceased)
    • Foster mother (deceased)
    • Foster brother, Shannon (NPC)
    • Foster sister, Raquel (NPC)
  • Love Interest(s)

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  • Friends

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  • Neutral

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  • Enemies

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