Pippin Galadriel Moonchild "Pepper" Miller
My mother said witches were just intelligent women protesting in the only way open to them against the stifling injustices of a male-dominated social hierarchy.






9 inches, hazel, dragon heartstring core


Mother, grandparents, younger sister


Toad (toad)


There are only two ways a child can go with a name like Pippin Galadriel Moonchild, and Pepper chose the other one. She's a scrappy tomboy who enjoys nothing more than catching frogs, playing cowboys and indians, being Head Torturer of the British Inquisition, and most definitely not playing with any silly Sindy stable set. She has no idea how it got all worn out like that. She can hold her own in a fight against any dumb boy, especially if you try to call her anything but Pepper. She does have a softer side, which shows through on occasion, but anyone with half a brain ought to know better than to point it out.


Pepper was born in a muddy field in the valley of Pant-y-Gyrdyl, Wales, to a hippie muggle mother trying to commune with nature. Six months later, her mother happily returned to the civilized world, and Pepper grew up in Tadfield, England, the nicest little town you ever did see. At the age of four, she befriended (via vicious assault) a group of three boys who, along with Pepper, came to be known around Tadfield simply as Them. The gang, while regarded with suspicion by most of the town's adults, is mischievous, but largely harmless. For most of her life, Pepper thought that magic was something in storybooks (especially girly ones that she definitely didn't read). Sure, sometimes strange things would happen while the Them played Star Wars or cops and robbers, but strange things happened around Adam so often that no one really noticed. She met her first real witch at the age of ten-goin'-on-eleven, although she didn't know it at the time. The adults called her a witch in the rather more derogatory sense, but the Them were intrigued. Not too many weeks later, Pepper got her very own Hogwarts letter. Of course she told her three best friends, once she'd made them promise not to tell anyone else, on pain of kicking them really really hard. They also promised not to inquisit her too hard, as long as she told them all about magic school when she came back for the summer.


None yet.

So roneryEdit


  • Pepper didn't originally have a last name, I just made it up. Yes, that's why it's a pun.
  • It's never stated that Pepper doesn't live with her father, or even that she doesn't have a father in the first place, but the mun always got that impression.
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